On the 31st of March 2014, the Institute of Capability Development was officially inaugurated with the gracious blessing of His late Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimour – may his soul rest in peace – to work on developing Diwan of Royal Court staff capabilities across all echelons, especially at the middle- and upper-management and leadership levels.

Aspiring to be a model for purposeful leadership, the Institute of Capability Development enjoys a well-earned reputation in the Diwan of Royal Court for adopting the best and most updated management methods and practices for training. It has also set a long-term vision for the development needs of Diwan’s human resources. The Institute of Capability Development has developed a framework of future competencies that Diwan staff must possess, and this is the guiding force behind the training calendar every year, which covers such topics as leadership and innovation in the government sector, digital fluency and strategic thinking.

We have focused our utmost attention on education, and endeavor to develop, improve and foster learning, and to upgrade, enrich and adapt knowledge to an ever-changing world. This stems from the importance given by Oman to developing human resources, consolidating fact-based thinking and building educated generations capable of participating in the process of development and of efficiently and competently managing local and international changes and developments.
His late Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimour – may his soul rest in peace
Today, with a solid will and unrelenting determination, we stand at the threshold of a crucial stage of progress and development in Oman; a stage the aspirations of which you have helped to shape, in future vision ‘Oman 2040’, and contributed to the development of its economic, social and cultural direction and goals, reflecting the clear vision and worthy aspirations of a more prosperous and better future
His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq bin Taimour

Investing in Omani Nationals

Since its inception, the Institute of Capability Development has continuously worked on developing competency frameworks for all Diwan of Royal Court echelons. It has developed and rolled out many leadership development programs and activities, as well as supporting initiatives, with a focus on middle and upper leadership positions. It has done so in collaboration with a wide array of strategic partners, ranging across academic, consulting and training organizations, at the local, regional and international levels.
The pillars of Institute of Capability Development’s work are founded on the judicious vision of His Majesty the Sultan of Oman – may God keep and preserve him – that progress and development are ongoing processes that require us to forge ahead with a steady step, to not rest on our laurels, but to use achievements as a springboard for broader aspirations toward a knowledge-based economy and future horizons.
HE Sayyid Khalid bin Hilal Al Busaidi
Minister of the Diwan of the Royal Court


Since the date of its inception, the Institute of Capability Development has witnessed key turning points, starting with the ICD’s work prior to its official inauguration, on to relocating to its new offices, and launching its first strategic partnership with an international organization. It has now reached 3,000 trainees, who have taken part in the different ICD initiatives and programs.


The very first of ICD’s activities kicked off in early 2014, when it launched the maiden issue of its informational bulletin ‘Kafaat’ (Capabilities), following which it prepared and rolled out a set of training programs in February and March 2018. This coincided with the soft-opening stage which spanned nearly three years, until 2017.

The soft-opening stage saw the establishment of the ICD internal regulations and the development of a wide range of training programs in collaboration with our strategic partners from different international organizations.



A pioneering platform for developing management capabilities, toward sustainably proficient performance


To provide the latest development services in managerial leadership and executive learning for Diwan of Royal Court staff, in collaboration with specialized academic and professional organizations.

Strategic goals

Empowering the performance of the Diwan of Royal Court’s human resources, and supporting their technical, professional and interpersonal capabilities
Building the optimal model for developing managerial leadership based on cutting-edge methods and global best practices
Transferring, localizing and managing knowledge in the area of developing and empowering management capabilities at the Diwan of Royal Court
Building community partnership to serve Oman’s overarching development concerns