Department Directors Program – supervisory leadership in job behavior and recent trends in financial resource management (2019-2020)

The program equips corporate managers and CEOs with new competencies and skills, thus boosting adaptability, agility and quick turnaround at the organization. The program was designed with three areas in mind: strategic, professional and innovative.

  • date
    Learning Module 1
    December 2019
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    Learning Module 2
    February 2020
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Strategic Partners
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SSA Consulting

SSA Consulting is a consulting firm with government and management experience in the Republic of Singapore.

Program Focuses

Financial Resources: New Trends in Management Program
Basic Principles of Public Financial Management (PFM)
Overview of PFM, financial reports and statements, building financial sustainability, allocation and mobilization of resources
Effective Strategies for Activating PFM
Procurement framework and process, all you need to know about developing the organization’s budget, cost-volume analysis to determine feasibility, budget allocation and cash flow management
Job Behavior – Supervisory Leadership Program
Building People
Transforming government human resources; three areas of government-sector human resources that need immediate action, framework for managing high-performance individuals, the seven methods, characteristics of highly productive staff in the public-sector enterprises (PSE 4.0)
Managing Change and Improving Performance at the Workplace
Developing key communication skills and managing change productively at the workplace, identifying ways to help team members handle change, identifying practical tools and techniques to boost workplace efficiency

Program Goals

  • Equipping managers and staff with the necessary tools to effectively communicate with their finance colleagues. The program also presents an overview of financial management in government organizations.
  • Supplying managers and staff with capabilities that are ready for the future of the industry, in leading and managing the public-sector manpower, by forging strong inter-group relationships, including managers and staff.
  • Training department directors to prepare them for the future and to keep pace with work-related modern developments.
  • Managing public-sector human resources, leading teams and improving performance in government organizations.
  • Understanding how to read financial reports, budget basics and the principles of PFM.