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Future of Governments Initiative Directors-General Track 2019-2020

ICD designed content focused on configuring the government working system in such a way as to be responsive to 4IR requirements and to attain sustainable growth that keeps pace with such global advances that are shaping the future of governments around the world. The program seeks to equip participants with the latest work-specific techniques.

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    December 2019 - February 2020
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Strategic Partners

International Advisory Group

Program Tracks and Outline

The program was based on the principle of constructive interactive dialogues, developing and adapting the best global solutions and practices to achieve common national goals. The program has been designed to suit the tasks of Excellencies, Undersecretaries of ministries, together and those of the same in government units.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution brought about a great change in all fields, so leaders must be provided with the necessary knowledge about this, in order to keep pace with global developments.

Program Goals

  • This program has been designed to be a form of meaningful meetings and dialogues over the course of three sessions to discuss the most important changes in the world.
  • Learn about the working mechanism in international organizations.
  • The program takes the participants in different stations to complement each of them in a way that enables the representatives of the participating parties to fully understand the knowledge and technology trends that shape the future of governments around the world.

Program Focuses

Innovation in government work - providing digital services
The future of human resource management
The future of partnerships between the government and the private sector


13 general directors of the Diwan of Royal Court

Coaches and Lecturers

Marco Daglio
Dr.Gregory J. Curtin
Afshin Mulafi
Pascal Lamy
Professor Akash Deeb
Professor Graeme A. Hodge