The National Leadership and Competitiveness Program (NLCP) – CEO Track 2017

With the gracious blessing of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – may his soul rest in peace, the program was launched in 2017 as a training platform for executive leaders across the different government sectors. The NLCP has delivered extensive learning experience in Oman, the UK, Tallinn (Estonia) and Melbourne (Australia), that has allowed government officials, both at the individual and collective levels, to best carry out the tasks assigned to them.

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    Start Date
    September 2017
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    Oman and other international locations
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Strategic Partners

Said Business School, University of Oxford

In collaboration with the University of Oxford’s Said Business School as the program’s teaching partner, the first learning module was launched in September 2017.

Program Focuses

Building a community of Omani government leaders with an outcome-oriented mindset able to advance the Sultanate’s competitiveness
Achieving Wellbeing
Understanding how other countries managed to implement competitiveness factors to boost productivity and achieve wellbeing, and how these factors are specifically relevant to Oman.
Achieving Efficiency and Effectiveness in Public-Sector Service Delivery
Understanding how other regions managed to practically develop and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering public-sector services, as well as to build an environment that is favorable for investment, and how this all relates to their individual roles in the Omani government.
Dynamic Public-Private Partnership
Learning how other countries created dynamic partnership between the government and private sectors.
Methodologies, Policies and Governance
How these can be applied in line with the Omani model; studying the models of certain sectors that were identified as strategic priorities in Oman’s 9th Five-Year Development Plan; and identifying opportunities to implement lessons learned on individual roles in each concerned entity.
Identifying Success Factors and Obstacles to Implementation
Implementing policies and identifying the necessary strategies to overcome obstacles to implementation, and tying them directly to the entity’s implementation and action plans.

Program Goals

  • Building a community of Omani government leaders with an outcome-oriented mindset
  • Building government-sector leaders able to drive national priorities

Program Themes

Boosting productivity
Achieving wellbeing
Dynamic public-private partnership
Methodologies, policies and governance
Identifying success factors and obstacles to implementation


35 Executive leaders

Coaches and Lecturers

Andrew White
Lawrence Williams
John Denton
Neil Jacobson
Tim Morris