English Language Program

First proposed by the Diwan’s Royal Protocol Department to deliver English language training to protocol and ceremonies staff, the idea was extended to include all Diwan staff without exception. In September 2019 six levels were targeted in cohort 1, and in February 2020 cohort 2 was launched for Muscat and Dhofar Governorate staff.

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    Start Date
    September 2019
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    End Date
    August 2020
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Strategic Partners

British Council

Program Tracks and Outline

September 2019
Six levels were targeted in cohort 1, at a rate of two hours, twice per week.
February 2020
The initiative’s cohort 2 was launched in February 2020, after aptitude tests were administered to the participants in Muscat, resulting in four levels and a total of 64 participants.
March 2020
Similarly, cohort 2 was launched for staff in Salalah, with a total of 64 participants, in March 2020 and ending in August 2020.


Institute of Capability Development’s vision was keen on the importance of creating an English language initiative to hone the Diwan of Royal Court staff’s English language capabilities and skills given how crucial they were in the course of their work.

Program Goals

  • Building Diwan staff’s English language capabilities
  • Equipping staff with the skills corresponding to their professional duties and the requirements of their jobs


Cohort 1: 96 participants (Muscat)
Cohort 2: 64 participants in Muscat Governorate
Cohort 2: 64 participants in Dhofar Governorate

Coaches and Lecturers

Isabel Negreira
Graeme Nye
Karin Harvey